Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take?

WRG Finance can provide up to a $300,000 lease approval from our one-page credit application. Credit approval typically occurs within 12 hours and lease documents can be emailed the same day. Vendor funding will occur within 24-48 hours after customer acceptance

Who can lease?

Any company, association, or non-profit organization that is using the equipment for a commercial purpose.

What happens at the end of the lease term?

There are a number of options available depending upon your needs (lowest payments possible, no end of term payment, maximized tax deductibility, the ability to upgrade, etc). Please ask us about options we can provide such as Capital Leases ($1 Buy Out), Operating Leases (Fair Market Value), Fixed Percentage Purchase Options (10% PUT) and Loans (Equipment Finance Agreements).

What kinds of equipment can be leased?

WRG finances most new and used business equipment including computers, software, networking equipment, furniture, test and measurement equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, phone systems, and commercial vehicles.

Are lease payments a tax write off?

Typically the IRS will allow you to write off 100% of your lease payment on a True or FMV lease. Additionally, with Capital Leases or $1 Buy Out Leases, you can accelerate your tax depreciation by utilizing Section 179 of the tax code.

Can I add equipment to the lease?

Yes, you can add equipment to the lease at any time. In most cases, any equipment added to your lease must cost at least $5000.

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Shin Han | Controller, Litigation Services

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