Finance and Leasing Programs

Over 30% of all business equipment purchases in the US are acquired via a lease contract. This makes leasing the single largest form of external corporate finance in the country. Below you can find a summary of our most popular programs.

Equipment Finance Agreement

This program is a loan rather than a lease and provides a favorable early buy out terms.

6 Month Deferred Payment LEase

You get the equipment you need now, your vendor is paid up-front, but you don’t need to make payments for 6 months.

Master Lease Line Credit

This program gives you the flexibility to draw down from an existing lease total as your needs arise. Great if you’re looking to make multiple purchases over an extended period of time.

Software Only Lease

We can finance software only purchases and even include significant soft-costs such as integration and training.

Seasonal Payment Program

Does your cash flow fluctuate with the time of the year? Our Seasonal Payment Program offers the flexibility of different payent sizes depending on the temperature.

Capital from Future CC Sales

We have programs that enable you to leverage future credit card sales into capital today.

Step Up Lease

Start off your lease with smaller payments while you ramp up your business. Increase your monthly cash flow until you are ready to pay a higher amount.

“WRG Finance has been great to work with. They are professional and make the process frictionless.”

Raphi Hanessian | General Manager, BioTechnique

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