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Leasing and Financing Programs

30% of all business equipment purchases in the US are acquired via a lease contract.

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Vendor Programs

Increase your sales and margins by providing attractive leasing options for your clients.

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WRG Finance can provide up to a $150,000 lease approval from our one-page credit application

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Why Lease?

Fast and Easy

WRG Finance can provide up to a $150,000 lease approval from our one-page credit application. Credit approval typically occurs within 12-24 hours and lease documents can be emailed the same day.

Improves Cash Flow

Leasing helps preserve your cash flow, freeing it up for opportunities, business operations, and unforeseen threats.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a wide variety of lease terms and types to fit your needs. See – Leasing and Financing Programs.

Tax Benefits

Operating lease are treated as expenses and payments are 100% tax deductible. The equipment is not recorded as an asset, nor does it become a long-term liability. Instead it can be treated as an off balance sheet operating expense.

Soft Costs Covered

“Soft costs” can be included in the lease. This means that consulting, training, shipping, installation, CAN be financed and included in the lease payments.

No Down Payment

Conventional debt financing often requires a 10-20% down payment.
Leasing can be provided with no payments up-front.

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